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Waylands Farm is situated near Darling in the Cape West coast of South Africa. 


Waylands, originally called Karnmelkfontein, is 1232 ha. in size. Six generations of our family have owned the farm since 1865. It was renamed after our ancestor’s farm, Waylands, in Surrey in England.


The two homesteads were built in 1865 and 1892, with the oldest buildings, including the farm labourer’s cottages, dating from the 1820’s. The main victorian house was turned into a guest house in 2002.  


Our family has a long history of conservation and our main goal is to farm with the help of nature and our produce is a by product of our holistic farming methods. Our wild flower reserve was opened to the public in the early 1900's during spring.  


We started farming with Ngunis in 2002. We also farm with Merino sheep, free-range pigs, and various crops.

Mother Nature has been around for millions of years and everything that we do on Waylands is aimed at restoring the natural balance that she gave us. It is a well known fact that with the correct management the Nguni is one of the best tools to restore the natural fynbos to its original glory of days past and she is rewarding us by giving us some of the most spectacular flower displays in the world and some superb beef.


We are using the “holistic grazing” system. This enhances the natural vegetation which means that the more we graze the more food we get for the animals to eat and the healthier they are. Everything from the daisy’s to the birds are benefiting from this system.